Escalent, a data analytics and advisory firm with a market-leading automotive practice, has acquired Rhein Associates and secured a partnership with Work Truck Solutions to create a commercial vehicle and fleet research and advisory practice that is unrivaled in the industry due to the combination of demand, supply, and inventory data, insights and offerings. Read more.

Rhein Associates is a leader in North American commercial vehicle and off-highway powertrain forecasting, strategically located between Ann Arbor and Detroit, in Canton, MI. Rhein Associates is renowned for providing the industry with accurate, thorough and relevant databases, analysis and insight, by analysts that are involved and connected in the industry. Our data covers both on-road commercial vehicle as well as the off-highway, marine, industrial, agricultural and electrification sectors. With comprehensive and detailed Databases that include both historic and future applications, we service OEMs, suppliers, distributors, as well as financial and governmental institutions around the world.

As most of the industry decisions are made on a global basis, we have strategic partnerships that allow our forecasts to be integrated into a comprehensive global forecast ecosystem. This allows Rhein Associates to offer unprecedented market insight and in-depth global market coverage of production in addition to analysis of critical emerging trends, legislation and technology.

Who We Are

  • Eric Fedewa
    Global Market Intelligence
  • Andrew Wrobel
    Global Market Intelligence
  • Tom Rhein
    Founder and Past President
  • Mike Eaves
    Senior Consultant
  • Julie Welsch
    Senior Business Analyst

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Forecast Database

Our integrated forecast database offers regional and global coverage. It enables organizations unparalleled insight into:

  • Commercial Vehicle and Off-Highway Powertrain Forecasts, by OEM, Globally
  • Forecast of production volumes by engine, transmission, alternative fuels
  • Electrification by system, market, application
  • Electrical System Architecture, Voltage System, Motor Power, Motor Position and Advanced Energy Storage
  • Emissions Aftertreatment, Global Emissions Regulations, and Production volumes with engine rollouts
  • Manufacturing Location (Plant) and Production Volume
  • Design cycles, cycle plans, and new business entrance points
  • Global emissions regulations, forecasts by engine rollouts
  • Aftermarket (vehicle population)
  • Monthly Global Production Results/Actuals

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Reports and Analysis

Our global forecasts and intelligence can be used to drive business decisions based on:

  • Opportunity Targeting: New applications, by emissions level, New business development
  • Volume Planning, Production and Sales
  • Variance Analysis and Growth Rate assessment
  • Market Share, Technology Market Sizing and Valuation
  • Risk Management (Monitoring News events, Customer, Supplier and Technology Monitoring)
  • Vehicle Population, Aftermarket Parts Demand
  • Commercial Vehicle Powertrain and Off-Highway Markets, Global

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Rhein Associates offers consulting services around everything related to commercial vehicle and off-highway powertrains. Projects ranging from custom specified dataset and forecasts to bespoke reports and analysis.

Additionally, Rhein Associates supports data transformation and data connection. Linking disparate datasets to provide outputs that drive business decisions.

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Our Partners

Knibb, Gormezano and Partners

KGP is a U.K. based specialist focused on the global Commercial Vehicle and Non-Road Mobile Machinery. It has broad knowledge of the commercial vehicle engine, transmission and driveline, emissions and aftertreatment, and electrification segments worldwide. The KGP product portfolio ecosystem is further enhanced via strategic partnerships with U.K. based LMC Automotive, and U.K. based Off-Highway Research, division of KHL Media. KGP launched the Global Commercial Vehicle Engine Forecast (Now Powertrain Forecast) with LMC Automotive in 2005, and the Global Non-Road Engine Forecast with Off-Highway Research in 2009.

ACT Research

Americas Commercial Transportation (ACT) Research, Co., LLC is the recognized leading publisher of commercial vehicle (CV) industry data, market analysis and forecasting services for the North American market. Our commitment to data quality & integrity; in-depth analysis; and timeliness have made our services the industry standard. ACT Research was founded in 1986 with the goal of improving and expanding North American commercial vehicle analysis in order to promote better understanding of the transportation industry. By working directly with CV manufacturers, ACT Research collects and confidentially disseminates timely market and performance data that provide a comprehensive look at the industry’s past and present performance, with an in-depth analysis of future expectations. Our staff includes experts in the commercial vehicle and transportation industry, along with strategic alliances with experts that increase our ability to provide value-added services to our clients.


Rhein Report

Powertrain and related industries are evolving faster than ever before, and informed decision-making is now your most critical role. Rhein Associates recognizes this need for quality, affordable, and timely information to facilitate business and strategic planning. Covering all the latest information on the powertrain and related industries from a North American manufacturer’s perspective, The Rhein Report can be a key tool in your strategic planning. Each issue reflects the insights and observations of over 40 years of diesel engine and powertrain industry experience.

Subscribe and You Will Receive:

  • 12 monthly issues with current abstracts, statistics and articles for the diesel engine and related markets
  • Editorials that cover timely and important topics on a monthly basis - giving not only the facts, but thought-provoking insights and speculations as well
  • Economic Section that keeps you on top of current trends affecting your industry
  • Ethical and objective viewpoints not influenced by any company or group – we accept no advertising
  • History, trends and a five-year forecast for six diesel engine applications (on-highway, off-highway mobile, industrial stationary, gen set, marine and agriculture) and an annual two-year forecast of diesel engine production and consumption by application

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